The Best Gas String Trimmer Reviews For May 2021

That said, it can cut 17” wide paths, which is nothing short of impressive for a straight shaft model. To top it all, it can be paired with TrimmerPlus attachments, so you can convert it to other lawn care devices as per requirements. Powered by a 25 cc 4-cycle engine, this Husqvarna model is designed to deliver precise cuts and improved accessibility. The straight shaft configuration provides better reach under the bushes and hard-to-reach corners.

Tidying the borders around your lawn and gardens is easy with a good string trimmer. If you’re looking for the best corded electric string trimmer; you’ll find our top picks below. Choose a corded electric string trimmer when you need a more power to remove more robust grass or weed.

#7 Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer

This is a good trimming time for most small to medium size garden. But for more extended duration use, you can also purchase the second battery as a replacement. Depending on the performance level setting, you can get almost an hour of trimming time.

This is a super reliable unit, despite the drawback of being cord operated. If you are looking for a brushless string trimmer, you might want to consider this one offered by DEWALT. Users like its power, but have complaints about its quality and durability.


The patented line-feeding system allows you to feed through more string with the push of a button. With the free replacement spools for life that come with this weed eater, you won’t need to worry about the cost of string replacement either. With the two-year warranty too, the Worx WG163 has been created with longevity in mind. It has an impressive 18-inch swath, so you can cover a greater area quickly, while the dual string means it easily dispatches even thick weeds.

This is an exceptionally light and mechanically advanced string trimmer that can rival even the best Stihl weed eater. Weighing at only 10lbs, the UT33650 has a 17” cutting swath and is powered by a 2-cycle engine with low emissions. It also has a Quick-Fire carburetor for faster starting and a clutch starter system which reduces required pull effort. By purchasing this item, you will also get a straight shaft grass deflector, front handle, and a 2-cycle lubricant. Finally, it comes with a Reel-Easy dual-line bump feed string head.

Adjustable Handle

This model also comes equipped with STIHL’s standard adjustable handle which can be adjusted up and down or rotated up to 360 degrees to make it more comfortable to handle. The built-in anti-vibration technology also makes it more comfortable to use. It weighs a manageable 8.8 lbs and the engine pumps out a decent amount of power at 0.6 kW. As it is electric you will need an available wall outlet nearby, so it’s not ideal for property that’s more than ½ an acre. It wasn’t easy finding a competitor to compare to the FS 240. The closest runner up we could find was the Craftsman WS405 and it still doesn’t really compare.

Fortunately, the electric string trimmer is far lighter than the gas-powered string trimmer. If you’re trimming small yard or garden, then you may need not to carry it around for a long. But if you’re doing anything which requires you to hold string trimmer for some time, then look for the shoulder straps. But electric weed eaters have typically less power than the gas-powered weed whacker.

Battery Tests

The easy tap line works well, too, so you’ll rarely run out of string while cutting weeds or grass. One thing to look for when selecting a gas string trimmer is how easily it starts. Experienced users gas grass trimmer reviews know that these units can be a pain to start, even right out of the box. It all comes down to personal preference for most users, particularly if you’re only using your trimmer in your yard.

Straight-shaft weed trimmers let you stand further away from what you are cutting, which keeps you safer. The head is adjustable, moving through 90 degrees so it can adapt to a range of terrains. When using the Worx Weed Eater as an edging tool it becomes wheeled for extra ease of use too. The Black + Decker LST300 Electric Weed Eater is both lightweight and quiet, making it a pleasure to use. It also offers the ability to adjust the weed eater, so you can set it to a more comfortable setup for you. It’s not the cheapest on the market, but at around $70, it’s still very affordable, especially considering the cutting power it offers.

Although the charge doesn’t last an extremely long time, you will be able to use it normally up until the charge runs out. There’s no noticeable difference in power output between the first minute of use and the twenty-eighth minute. This Toro has auto-feed for the cutting string, so you don’t even have to bump it on the ground. That’s the good news; the bad news is that the string advances every time you turn the off and then on again, so you go through a roll of string pretty quickly. If you prefer a battery-powered weed whacker and aren’t on a tight budget, the Ego Power+ is the one you want.

You can easily change from trimming to edging with a quick turn of the shaft. The battery is placed at the top, behind the handle which you may find it easy to grip and maneuver. The bump feed uses 0.080” line with 13-inch clear diameter.

Tanaka String Trimmers

But what are the other factors that would make you buy a particular gas string trimmer and not the other? I have prepared detailed information on how to choose the right tool and included some of the best-performing products below. I hope that my expert tips will help you to make an informed decision on buying a reliable gas string trimmer.

So, if it is cumbersome, it would be challenging for you to handle the weed eater, especially when trimming the large lawn. Thus, it is one of the best cordless weed eaters with simple features. There is also a vibrationless operation with no noise at all. As the name suggests, the machine cuts all the unwanted particles from different areas in your lawn and helps you provide a clean, healthy, and beautiful looking garden. However, buying a weed eater is not a simple task, especially when terms like a shaft, corded or cordless, line feeding system, etc. are involved. You may probably wonder what these terms mean in overall weed water, or you can say a trimmer.

The 128LD is also lightweight compared to many of our other picks, making it easier to carry for longer.

If you’re using your string trimmer to even up the look of your lawn between mowings, these are for you. For the average homeowner, a single line string trimmer is the easiest and cheapest way to go, provided that they maintain their yard regularly. Single line trimmers are designed in a way where all of the power goes to one longer string, and tend to have a higher RPM. Worx makes a line of 20-volt tools, and the batteries are interchangeable.

Best String Trimmer: 7 Picks For Yard Maintenance

These can be adapted to multiple lengths for ease of use, but are typically straight-shaft models. It’s only 12″ wide, making it perfect for apartment dwellers who don’t want to have lots of equipment but want their small yard space nicely manicured. It uses an automatic feed system, and the handle is adjustable for your comfort. Another key thing to inspect when assessing the engine is the number of cycles.

Some machines are attachment capable as you have also checked while reading our reviews. Attachment capable means that you can use that one weed eater with versatility for sowing, hedging, and other purposes. However, the most common accessories provided are only for edger and trimmer. Thus, all the additional power tools to use this attachment capable feature needs to be purchased separately. The one thing you should consider is the comfort and ease of use while operating the handle and the overall shaft. It should not be messy or disturbing that generally gets out of control while using the machine.

We do wish there was a feature that let you turn the head sideways for edging, but at this price, you can’t expect everything. But this is the best of the bunch, and better than Weed Eater’s newer W25CBK. When an area of string has worn down, a fresh length is moved to the “business” part of the tool.

gas grass trimmer reviews

The smooth and well-placed controls make it easier to operate the trimmer. The shaft of the trimmer connects the main motor to the feeder. There are two common design types of the shaft; straight shaft and curved shaft. The only downside with battery powered string trimmer is that you have to keep it charged. It’s always a good practice to connect the battery with a charger after each use.


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